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Commissions Terms of Service

This is my commission guide. Please read all of my information if you would like to commission me.

Plush Examples:
More Examples:

Important: You will need to fill out my form that's here in my guide. Once filled out I'll be able to give you a quote. Otherwise I won't be able to reply.

Warning: I do have pets and sometimes they go in my work area, so if you are highly allergic to pet dandruff I'm not the plush maker for you. My plushies are not for young children. Sometimes the plush has pellets, wire or plastic tubing in them.

You must be 18 or older to order from me. Underage I would need a parent/guardians permission.


-This is always kept updated the date it was posted is irrelevant.

1. Please provide a reference of your fan/game/show/anime/cartoon character or original character. I love animal, and monster characters as well!

I'm not taking My Little Pony characters anymore sorry.

I DO NOT make NSFW plush. Not ever.


2. Medium Size: 12"-14"
Large Size: 15" and up
-Unless I already have a pattern size of a character already made.

3. Custom sizes available on request, but not smaller than 11 inches. I only go by inches no other measurement type.

4. All orders need to be paid in full before I can start. I don't do payment plans. If you really want to do a payment plan I don't do cancellations and same as when you order from me normally.

5. Please indicate the destination of your order - U.S.A or International for shipping purposes. Please tell me where in those you live in, because it varies between where you live. My prices including not only the shipping fee, but handling and supplies.

6. Please contact me of any address changes. I ship out the address your PayPal account tells me, so please make sure it's right.

7. Add in the note what your commission is so it's easier for me to know what you got, and find your info easier.

8. Please indicate a due date if applicable. i.e. Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. I need a good time in advice for rush orders. A week before is very unreasonable for me. No asking for a due date AFTER you commission me. Only before you commission me please. I won't accept after that's unfair to the others waiting before you.

9. Orders will be shown when done. I don't do WIPs.

10. Prices start at $200 and up. I do not haggle with my prices nor will I lower them. I have the right to refuse a commission especially if I'm told to do so.

11. Only orders in the U.S will get a tracking number. I only ship with the U.S Postal Service no other. I will message you when your order has been shipped out. International orders don't get tracking, but I will let you know when your plush gets shipped out.

12. Make all payments via PayPal. My prices are ONLY paid in U.S dollars, so please keep in mind for International orders.

13. I normally stream the commissions I'm working on I have my own working schedule that may not fit with the other customers needs. I just work on them when I do, and I don't give any heads up. If you wanna follow my stream I would enjoy the company. Just know I work during the night in my time.

Extra Questions

I don’t see your prices listed anywhere. Why is that?

I get asked this a lot and the simple answer is for my own personal reasons. For that reason I prefer to be noted privately about ANY fan character or OC’s. Even if I already made the character. I don’t like my prices posted publicly, and most of the plushies I make are for commission only and the companies that own the fan characters don’t like them posted publicly either. Also my prices tend to change over time too.

So that’s why my prices are not posted, and never will be posted publicly. You can still ask for quotes from me though. Just keep in your notes what I tell you cause its hard to remember all those who ask me.

This is normal for plush makers.

PLEASE FILL OUT FORM TO ASK FOR A QUOTE. Or I won't answer. It makes it easier for me and you to get a faster response.
Please copy and paste starting here:

I'm looking for a Commission Quote please!

Your Name:
Email to reach you:
Character: ( I need a pic reference. Or else I won't be able to help you. Unless I already did the character you don't need to.)
Size Medium or Large: (Unless already made so it will be that size.)
Where you live (I just need your State in the U.S or Country if not in the U.S):
Due date if you need it by a certain birthday/anniversary/convention: (Needs to be 2 weeks before you pay me and not after.)

End of copy and paste.

Please note me (On Deviant Art) for a quote or commission. Please don't ask for a quote in Tumblr asks. Or email me at

That's it! Remember it will take at least 6 months or less for your plush. I will update you. Please don't rush me. I'm doing the best I can to fulfill orders.

Thank you for your business as I know there are many choices! I assure you that my products are high quality and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


My Etsy store:

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope that clears everything up!
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